How does it work?

How does it work?

Register on the website, choose your free boxer shorts and link your payment details. This completes your registration and at the same time helps us to prevent fraud.
After registration you will start your 14-day trial period and receive your free boxershorts within 7 working days.

After 7 days you can make changes via your account, such as your size and address. No money will be deducted from your account within your 14-day trial period.

Are you convinced after your 14-day trial period and will you never want to wear anything else again? Great! Then we will debit you £9.99 around the 27th of the month and you can expect a brand new design in your letterbox from the 17th of the following month.

In addition to your monthly boxer shorts, you can aslo get a free pair of Socks for only £2.99 per month as an exclusive member. Read all about it here.

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What is the concept of ON THAT ASS?

ON THAT ASS offers a unique service for those who don’t want to wear boring boxer shorts. We offer a flexible membership where you can choose how long you want to be a member.

Every month we deliver a brand-new design of top quality to our members. When you sign up with ON THAT ASS, you can choose a free pair of boxer shorts first.

Why? Because we want to show you that you are making the best choice.

After that, every month we will release a unique design which we will deliver to all our members. You can't choose this design, so it's really a surprise what kind of design you will receive every month.

Then you can also sign up for our sock subscription. For £2.99 per pair, you will receive a brand new set every month.

You can take a look at our lookbook.

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How does the free trial period work?

From the moment you have successfully registered, your free 14-day trial period starts.
Within 7 days you can expect your free boxershorts via the post and after these first days you can also make changes to your account.

Are you completely convinced? Then you don't have to take any action and you will automatically join the monthly membership.
We will debit you £9.99 around the 27th of the month and deliver a brand new design to you the following month from the 17th.

Check here what kind of cool stuff you can expect.

Not quite convinced? Then you can cancel your membership immediately within your 14-day trial period.

Did you know that you can order not only your monthly boxer shorts but also a great pair of socks for only £2.99 per month as an exclusive member? Read all about it here.

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Is my first pair of boxer shorts really for free?

Long story short: YES!
Why? Because we want you to see and feel that you are making the best choice.

When you register, we ask you to link your payment details. 
This way you can make a safe connection and your account will be activated.

What about our Socks membership? Read all about it here.

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Can I choose a design?

You can choose your first free boxer shorts when you sign up.
You can choose between boxer shorts without print or our original collection with a cool print.

After that, every month it is a surprise what you will receive and we keep it a secret until delivery.
Of course, we make sure that your boxer shorts match with your socks.

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