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All our frequently asked questions and most common answers can be found on our FAQ page.

Can we still help you with something after that? Please contact our customer service, and they will solve it for you.

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How does the boxer shorts membership works?

Every month we deliver a brand new design, top quality pair of boxer shorts to our members.
When you sign up with ON THAT ASS, you can choose a free pair of boxer shorts from our large collection

Why? Because we want to show you that you are making the best choice.
After that, every month we will release a unique design which we will deliver to all our members. You can't choose this design, it's a surprise, but you won’t be disappointed!
Take a look at our past collection.

You can also sign up for our sock subscription. For £4.99, you will receive a brand new pair of matching socks every month. Read all about it here.

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How does the Socks membership work?

Through your boxer shorts account you can now create an additional Socks membership for £4.99 per month. Please note that you have to have an active boxer shorts account in order to add a Socks membership.

There are a limited number of pairs of Socks per month so even if you have signed up to the Socks membership, you may have to go on to a waiting list.
Of course, your account will not be debited if you do not receive any Socks. As soon as a spot becomes available, your extra Socks membership will be completed and you will receive a unique design every month. We will send you an email as soon as your Socks membership has started.

If you decide to continue with only a Socks membership and cancel your boxer shorts membership, you will no longer pay £4.99 for a pair of Socks but £8.99 instead.
You will receive your Socks around the same time as you monthly boxer shorts. Please note that they are shipped separately.

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How does the free trial period work?

Register on the website, choose your free boxer shorts and link your payment details.

After registration you will start your 14 day trial period and receive your free pair of boxer shorts within 7 working days.
After 7 days you can make changes via your account, such as your size and address. No money will be deducted from your account within your 14 day trial period.

Are you convinced after your 14 day trial period and will you never want to wear anything else again? Great!
Then we will debit you £9.99 around the 27th of the month and you can expect a brand new design in your letterbox from the 17th of the following month.

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Are my first pair of boxer shorts really for free?

Long story short - YES!
Why? Because we want you to see and feel that you are making the best choice.

What about our Socks membership? Read all about it here.

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Can I choose a design?

You can choose the design of your free pair of boxer shorts when you sign up. You can choose between boxer shorts without print or our original collection with a cool print.

After that, every month it will be surprise and we keep it a secret until delivery.
Of course, we make sure that your Socks match your boxer shorts.

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