Returns / Exchanges

When can I request a new pair?

We offer a generous 90-day return guarantee:

If you have not received your order.
If you have received a faulty order. 
If something is wrong within 90 days.

Within these 90 days, you can request a new pair via your account and we will send you a new pair immediately.

Didn't receive your free Socks after 7 working days? Then please contact us via e-mail.

Are you unable to request a return yourself? Send an e-mail to our Customer Service Team.

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How do I request a new pair?

Requesting a new pair is very simple and can be done quickly and easily via your account. You will immediately receive an e-mail confirming the request. You will receive a new delivery within 7 working days.

  1. Log in to your account here,
  2. Select 'Orders' in the menu,
  3. Click on 'Return Request
  4. Follow the steps and we will do the rest!

When you did receive the product, but something was wrong with it, out of service you do not have to make any effort to send the wrong or defective pair back. You may throw away a damaged product. You can keep the wrong product, or give it to someone else. That saves you a trip to the post box :) 

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How do I return an item?

If you have made a request to replace a faulty pair, out of service you do not have to make any effort to send the wrong or defective pair back. 

If it is still closed and in good condition (for example due to a wrong size) you may give it away. You probably know someone who deserves a gift, or someone you want to introduce to ON THAT ASS. Then you can make them happy and also help us a little. Of course, you can also keep it yourself :) 

Would you rather return the faulty product so that we can have the materials recycled, by an external company we work with? Or do you need to send it back for another reason? We do not accept returns for refunds. But maybe the package is delivered wrong? Then you can return it free of charge as follows:

  1. Put the delivered item in its packaging,
  2. Write 'Return to Sender' on it,
  3. Drop in the nearest Post Box,
  4. We will send it on,
  5. Thank you!

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