No more boring boxer shorts.

How it all started.

It hasn't been that long. October 2014 to be precise, when we wondered why we were all wearing these boring boxer shorts. Colourless. Unimaginative. And often not comfortable at all. There had to be another way.

We got a bold idea We just wanted to make badass boxer shorts with a different print every month. How cool would that be? During our search for quality and reliability, the idea took shape. And the more we looked into it, the more enthusiastic we became. Even though we knew right away that it wouldn't be easy.

Our belief in our concept grew, and the conviction to give it a go increased. One year, and a lot of samples , different designs and critical views later, it was time. ON THAT ASS was born.

Papagallo Boxershort
Creating design concepts

From that moment on, we and our members look forward to a new design every month. We get the inspiration for our prints from everywhere. We look at music videos, or at times gone by, or we get inspiration during a night of partying in a cosmopolitan city.

All these experiences and wild ideas are dragged into a tornado of creativity that creates the most beautiful designs every time. And so it is finally possible to receive a pair of premium boxer shorts with a unique design every month.

A new design.

Every month.

Our designers create the coolest designs for you every month. How great is that! As a member, you will be surprised each time with a different pair of boxer shorts with a unique print. ON THAT ASS designs are always colourful, confident and daring.

A great way show everyone that only the best underwear is good enough for you! The boxer shorts are made of premium cotton and are designed for ultimate comfort. So that's good too.

Sage bodywarmer boxershort
Detailed waistband

At ON THAT ASS we believe that quality boxer shorts can be affordable and retecool. Our boxer shorts are made of the best materials and are designed for a perfect fit. With 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which gives him extra comfort. The elastic waistband is nice and wide so that the boxer fits well. To guarantee the quality, we have very close contact with our suppliers. This way we can guarantee that they keep to our high standards.

No obligations

Can be terminated online anytime and anywhere.

Your membership entitles you to a new pair of boxer shorts every month. But no worries, you are not tied to anything! Are you a little short of cash? Or will you be surfing in Australia for a few months? You can pause or cancel your membership here.
And, because we make a new pair of boxer shorts every month (which means we don not have a permanent collection), they are not available in the shop. We are so confident about our product, we will give you your first pair of boxer shorts for free. Bet you will get hooked!