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When you sign up with ON THAT ASS for the first time, we provide a complimentary 14-day trial period for the boxer shorts membership. Your trial period begins immediately upon registration, and you'll receive the free boxer shorts within 7 working days.

If you wish to prevent your trial period from converting into an active membership, you have the option to cancel at any time during the remaining 7 days of the trial period.

Following the trial period and during an active or extra membership, we enforce a notice period. Payments are scheduled around the 23rd of each month. If you cancel prior to the 19th, you'll incur one additional payment for that month. Should you cancel between the 19th and the last day of the month, you'll be charged twice – once for the current month and once for the following month.

When terminating your membership, indicate the month for the final payment. The earliest possible notice month, based on the notice period, is displayed here. Your corresponding delivery will arrive the subsequent month, typically between the 17th and 23rd. Your selection will be confirmed, establishing a payment obligation.

Please be aware that if you wish to cancel multiple memberships within your account, you must cancel each one separately.

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